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Maximizing the Marketing Potential of an Event Display with a Solid Design

An event display is an excellent way for a business to effectively spread the word about the products or services they provide. In addition, depending on the scale of the event, a business could be able to market themselves to hundreds, if not thousands, of people for a minimal investment.

If a business has an opportunity to appear at an event like a trade show or a convention, there’s bound to be plenty of event display ideas bantered around. How to filter all these ideas into something that will be effective from a marketing standpoint can be challenging. With the tremendous benefits that come from a well-designed display, getting it right is worth the effort.

Display Information

The first consideration is including all the pertinent information in a display. The name of the company, as well as their website, should be prominently displayed. In addition, the logo of the business should be a constant theme throughout the display design. Also, if a company uses a slogan of some sort, it will be important for it to be in the display design as well. In some cases, this could act as the headline of an event display booth.

Formatting the Information

As far as how putting this information into a design is concerned, it may be tempting to go with ornate colors or flashy graphics and, to some degree, this can work to help the display attract a lot of attention. However, if the flashy design features are overdone, they can be confusing or even off-putting to visitors. Going with bold yet simple and uncomplicated designs is the best way to deliver the message a company wants to communicate. The display can still be fun, a bit flashy, and even a little whimsical, but the overriding tone should be simple, clear, and professional.

There are plenty of nuisances in terms of writing a good headline, writing clear and well-worded descriptions of the products or services provided, and the list goes on and on. However, once you have an overall concept, it will be much easier to integrate all the features into a unified design. This pre-planning will help your business maximize the marketing potential of a trade show or convention event display.