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A Brief Guide to Understanding Pharmaceutical Compounding for Pet Owners

There’s one thing that all pet owners have in common: they all want what’s best for their companion animals when it comes to healthcare. Veterinarians understand that pets are members of their owners’ families, which is why they offer sophisticated solutions to ensure that all animals in their care receive the best treatment possible. Compounding for pet owners is one medically and technologically sophisticated method of improving veterinary care.

What is Compounding?

Pharmacy compounding is the process of preparing custom medications for patients. When this process is used to alter pharmaceutical medications intended for use on animals, it is known as veterinary compounding. This solution is particularly popular among veterinarians, as medicating pets often presents unique challenges that doctors who care for human patients need not consider.

Flavored Medicine

Many pets refuse to take their medications due to unpleasant tastes. This issue can be easily solved via compounding, as nearly any dog will be more than happy to take medications that are flavored to taste like his or her favorite meaty treats. Altering flavors is certainly not the only thing compounding is good for, though.

Controlling Dosage

Dosages can be difficult to determine in animals that come in a wide variety of sizes, such as dogs. Compounding allows veterinarians to tailor medication dosages to an animal’s unique needs so that owners of six-pound Yorkies need not fear over-medicating due to the use of pharmaceuticals intended for much bigger Golden Retrievers or Labs.

Application Methods

Some issues can’t be solved by changing the dosage of a medication or adding flavor. For instance, cats are known for carefully avoiding necessary medications even when they are hidden in their favorite foods. Compounding allows veterinarians to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs in different forms so that medications that are usually administered orally can be given via a different method.

Commercially Unavailable Medicines

Sometimes it is just not possible to find the right medications to treat a pet’s condition on the commercial market. This is most frequently due to cost concerns on behalf of the producers, as it just isn’t cost-effective to mass-produce medications that are only required in rare cases. Compounding pharmacists are able to prepare custom prescriptions for veterinarians so that they can still have access to these useful drugs in treating pets.