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Two Issues to Consider Before Buying a Pond or Lake Aeration System

Artificial ponds and lakes can be every bit as beautiful as natural ones, but achieving that goal will typically take some planning and effort. One challenge inherent in many such bodies of water is a lack of natural circulation, oxygenation, and replacement that can contribute to issues with clarity, cleanliness, and other problems.

As a look at the guide online at will show, however, these hurdles can easily be overcome. Installing an appropriate water aeration and circulation system in an artificial pond will provide it with everything it requires.

Artificial Aeration That Compares Favorably to Nature

There are many such systems on the market, so pond owners will inevitably need to assess a fair number of factors before making an appropriate choice. Some of the issues that it will pay to look into in almost every case include:

  • System capacity. All aeration systems are designed to enable a certain amount of circulation and no more. This translates directly into the ability to keep a pond or lake of a certain size properly aerated and circulating. A solid starting point, in most cases, will be to simply narrow down the options to those systems that suit the targeted body of water well in this respect. While a bit of excess capacity will not normally be an issue, buying and installing an overly capacious system will generally be better avoided for several distinct reasons.
  • Pump style. Another significant consideration relates to the location of the pump that powers a given system. Some aeration kits include pumps that must be placed underwater and powered by some appropriate means from ashore. Others are designed around pumps that sit on dry ground but draw water through intake systems that are placed in the pond or lake. Systems of the latter design can be easier to work with and maintain but also might be more visually obtrusive

An Important Investment for Almost Every Artificial Pond

With only a few other details needing to be assessed in order to be certain of making a suitable purchase, selecting an appropriate aeration system for any pond or lake should never be overly difficult. For those who do put in the effort, a much more appealing artificial body of water can be assured.