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Use Direct Mail Postcards As Part Of A Marketing Plan

How can a small businessperson market their product or service affordably? The huge companies can spend millions of dollars marketing their products to the whole country. But, a small business person has a very limited budget. Every penny must count. Small businesses who market creatively can grow to become big businesses. One must reach customers who are most likely to need their product and entice them to try the product or service offered. Direct mail postcards are an affordable and effective tool for marketing locally.

Making Postcards Work

There are reasons Why Direct Mail Postcards Work. Direct mail postcards get right to the target customer. A well-designed, attractive postcard in a person’s mailbox grabs their attention and is of a convenient size for them to keep. Making postcards work is up to the business person. The post office gets this advertising tool into people’s hands, it is up to the sender to grab that person’s attention.

The business owner must decide whether to send their direct mail in an envelope or as a postcard. Postcards cost less to mail but have size limitations and can’t have attachments. Mail in an envelope allows coupons or branded items such as pens, magnets, or key chains to be added. A combination of these two direct mail forms would make an effective marketing strategy. Both forms of direct mail must be well designed to impress the customer. Simple, attractive graphics, company logo and name, and a compelling message are important.

Figure out what is most important to tell the customer and keep the message short yet compelling. Include a call to action such as a coupon to be taken to the business for a discount. Use postage stamps rather than meter machines to keep the message more personal. Don’t waste this well-designed mailer on people who are not in the right demographic. Do a little research to find out which people are prospective customers and where they live.

Getting Postcards To The Right People

A small business might want to concentrate on potential customers near their location. A small shop might concentrate on sending direct mail to people within a convenient distance inviting them to the shop. A plumbing or other service type company will concentrate on customers they can easily get to. They can offer a free inspection or free estimate with a home visit. Visit the website for more information.