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Consider the Reasons to Use Postcards for Marketing in Today’s Digital World

Although businesses have increasingly focused on digital marketing strategies in recent years, many still rely a great deal on promoting products and services through old-fashioned postal mail. Postcard Marketing Services have several advantages over online promotional efforts and also over advertising materials sent inside envelopes. Local businesses often find this method works exceptionally well for catching the attention of potential customers who live or work nearby.

Examples of Uses

A postcard might serve as an introduction, advertise a grand opening or inform consumers about substantial discounts that will soon be available. The ad might tell recipients to bring the postcard in for a 10-percent discount on certain items or services. This motivates people to keep the card instead of pitching it in the recycling bin. Even if they don’t actually use it this time around, it will still be on their minds while it sits on the desk or is attached to the refrigerator with a magnet.

Viewing the Card

Compared with marketing materials sent in an envelope, information on a postcard is more likely to be viewed. Many people stand over the recycling container while flipping through their mail, depositing anything that looks like advertising. The postcard gets noticed, however, because the details are right there in plain sight. This type of direct mail is also more affordable than sending envelopes, both in regard to printing and postage costs.

Postcards vs. Email

Postcards sent to mailboxes are dramatically more likely to be read than notices sent to email accounts. Unless the consumer is already in some form of digital contact with the business in question, the email probably will be considered spam and summarily trashed. Even when the recipient recognizes the business name, there often is so much promotional email in the box that everything gets dumped without opening it.

A Limited Investment

This type of marketing involves a limited investment to get started. Often, businesses do a practice run of sorts with a relatively small number of residents in the area. If the effort is successful, they can expand the mailing with a bigger list. It can be much less expensive than advertising in print or radio, and particularly with TV.