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Benefits Offered by Using a CO2 Laser

There is no question that the carbon dioxide or CO2 laser is the most powerful laser available for industrial purposes today. Generally, this laser is utilized for jobs including deep penetration welding, but also for jobs such as contour cutting. The fact is, these lasers offer quite a few benefits, with some of the most appealing listed here.

Reduced Power Consumption

If a person has ever used a blanking press or turret punch in the past, then they likely know that it is made with approximately 50 kW of power. However, when a CO2 laser is used, the amount of power used is much less. In fact, the 4kW lasers that are often used today will only consume about 10kW of power. This means it takes five times less power than blanking presses or turret punches. As a result, the CO2 laser will help a person save quite a bit of money.


When a blanking press is used, a large blade will move quickly up and down, and it isn’t designed with any type of safety feature to help prevent injuries, especially to a person’s hands. However, a fiber laser is enclosed in a well-secured, tight box. What this means is that they have been designed in a manner that doesn’t require any type of human intervention while the cutting is taking place.

Material Scrap Savings

Since the cutting tools are going to require materials on each side of the cut being made, a border of a half of an inch is required. When lasers are being considered, the parts only have to share a common outline to be cut with one motion and there isn’t any type of scraps produced. When needed, the machine can also cut a very small scrap skeleton that is as small as a sixteenth of an inch. In some cases, it can be even less.

When it comes to lasers, it is important to consider the BOSS lasers ratings to find the one that is needed for the job. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right laser is selected. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right laser is purchased and used for a project.