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When and Why You Need Brake Service

Brakes are a necessary safety feature on all vehicles. The system consists of a pedal that applies hydraulic pressure to the brakes that push brake pads onto the brake rotor to stop the car. Brakes need to be maintained to ensure proper functionality and safe stopping power. Any issues with the braking system should be addressed immediately to prevent serious risks of an accident. Identifying signs of a problem is important in knowing when to get Brake Service.

Brake pedal feels spongy

When applying pressure to the brake pedal, if sponginess is felt or the pedal goes down farther than normal, there could be a problem with the braking system. This could be a sign of low fluid levels or a leak in a brake line. This problem should be addressed immediately due to the high potential of losing braking power completely. Without the proper fluid levels, the right amounts of pressure cannot be applied to the brakes, and they may be unable to stop the car.

Squealing or grinding sound

When applying the brakes, various sounds could be a sign of problems. If a squealing sound is heard when the brakes are applied, this is often a sign that the brake pads are beginning to wear down. The pads should be replaced at one’s earliest convenience. However, if a grinding noise is heard, it could mean the brake pads are worn out. This should be addressed immediately because the worn pads are causing damage to the other parts of the braking system.

Other signs of problem

There are various other signs that could indicate a brake problem. Various issues and changes in pressure can cause a brake light to come on. Warped or damaged brake rotors can be the cause of brakes that seem to vibrate, pulse, or chatter when applied. Any burning smell or leakage of brake fluid can be a serious issue with brakes. If any of these issues are noticed, a brake inspection by a mechanic is strongly recommended.

Any changes in the way a vehicle drives or stops should be cause for concern. Many of these issues can be minor problems with easy fixes. However, some of these may be serious and pose risks to the safety of the occupants. It is important to seek professional assistance from a trained mechanic to ensure the vehicle runs and stops properly.