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5 Tips for Effective Event Displays

Everyone’s been to a trade show where the tables and backdrops were boring, and it’s highly likely that those vendors had a hard time attracting attention. Creating an interesting booth is easy, as long as the company is willing to invest creativity, money, and time in the trade show. Use these event display ideas to make the company’s next trade show truly remarkable.

Make the Booth Unique

Trade shows and conventions are a significant investment of time and money, and companies should focus on creating a stand-out booth. The booth itself should be durable enough to stand up to years of use and it should be versatile as well. An adjustable booth gives companies the flexibility to increase or decrease their footprint while maintaining visual stimulation and brand recognition.

Give Away Great Swag

There’s no disputing that the promo items a company chooses will affect its ability to attract attention to its booth. Investing in high-quality, unique promotional items is crucial. While it’s not necessary to give big prizes to everyone, it’s important to have quality items to hand out. As for bigger items, companies should strive for maximum effect. Give these items to prospects in exchange for their contact info, and don’t forget to follow up.

Demonstrate the Company’s Products or Services

If the company is spending money to attend a trade show, their products and services should be unique and valuable. Trade show visitors can be seen as sales calls; if they’re part of the company’s target market, they should be shown why they should give the company their business. If the company’s services or products can be demonstrated, that’s a good way to engage the audience and show the product’s value.

Use Tech

Modern technology is used in the trade show business. Interactive touchscreens and digital signs are increasingly common in trade show displays as a way to show value and attract attention. These design elements can be used to educate buyers, demonstrate processes, show testimonials, and differentiate the company from other trade show exhibitors.

Make it Remarkable

Marketing at trade shows can be a rewarding experience with a significant ROI. By creating a memorable, remarkable event display, companies can reach their goals and build brand recognition with customers.