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A Better Take on the Sun-Shade Umbrella Meets with Success in Australia

A good umbrella can be a real asset when the sun is shining brightly. Whether for those relaxing on the beach or enjoying a bite to eat at a sidewalk restaurant nearby, an appropriately designed umbrella can easily take the edge off the brightness and heat of the sun.

On the other hand, conventional umbrellas sometimes succumb to another force of nature. Even a moderately stiff breeze can uproot an umbrella or turn it inside out. While some umbrellas are designed to allow the wind to pass through, they need to be oriented correctly in order to work.

An improved design from an Australian maker has overcome these problems and others. Since being introduced, the manufacturer’s “Finbrella” has cropped up in many prominent places. A look at the company’s updates at will make this more than clear.

An Ever-Expanding Record of Success

Perth ranks as one of the windiest major cities in the entire world, so it made for a fitting birthplace for this innovative product. In addition to putting a lot of thought into the design, the company in question has done an excellent job of helping to make its products fixtures at many events across the country. Updates at its website have seen the Finbrella providing service at recent events including:

  • The Scarborough Sunset Wine Festival. With thousands heading to Western Australia for one of Australia’s most notable celebrations of wine, fifteen large Finbrella products were deployed to keep things cool. The afternoon breeze in Western Australia is so reliable and stout that locals even have a pet name for it, but the Finbrella held up perfectly against the so-called “Freo Doctor.”
  • Chandon Summer. Another set of similarly sized Finbrella products were customized to reflect a major Moet Hennessey brand initiative. Once again, the umbrellas served guests well, this time at a pair of popular Gold Coast destinations.

Providing the Benefits of a Much Needed Type of Innovation

With the Finbrella achieving similar levels of success for many other commercial customers and at further events, the usefulness of this product design has become clear. The drawbacks that have pained umbrella users for so long no longer need to be endured, as these projects and others have illustrated.