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A Guide on How to do Walking Meditation

The act of walking meditation involves being very much mindful when in the process of walking either on the roads or pavements. Mediation is a practice in which an individual gets involved in serious thinking on some important issues to arrive at some valuable decisions or be able to come up with quality solutions to the challenges facing the individual at a particular moment. There are very many distinct issues which make a wide variety of people to concentrate and fully engage in the process of walking meditation to try and find good solution to the problems or else make best decisions on the most crucial issues. This article illustrates some of the methods on how to do the practice of walking meditation.

At first the people should first take some good time and not ignore and find a good place which will involve walking for a long distance during the process of walking meditation to enable the process to occur as expected. The individual should choose a place that is long enough to engage in walking a long distance to help make the brain concentrate and start meditating immediately. The long distance helps to make the individual concentrate in meditation process, and at some time the individual does not even note the long distance walk since the brain is active in walk meditation process.

Secondly, the individual should then introduce mindfulness to the walking. After choosing the best and long distance to walk to that recommended location, the person should then make sure that the brain is not thinking about any other issues other than the only practice of walking meditation to help make it active and successful as often expected. This practice helps to make the body energy stay at its normal position and maintain the individual and enable them to walk without getting tired.

Thirdly, the next most vital issue the individual should do is to maintain the body movements and speed. The individual should at least allow the hands to swing and walk at a moderate speed. Ones the body of the participant became exhausted and tired the brain automatically got tired and exhausted too thus making the rate of walking meditation decrease to a very low rate and thus resulting to poor walking meditation results.

The participants of walking meditation should make sure that they adapt properly with the involving of the mind to the fullest in the practice of mindful walking meditation. When the individual adapts to the mindful walking the process of mindful meditation comes automatically. This practice also helps to boost the individual’s interest in walking meditation and enables them to participate in the activity fully and finally obtain the best solution to the problem under meditation or make reliable decisions on the obstacle or the cause of the meditation.

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