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A Beauty Queen Pageant in India that is Most Respected

Married women in India are very much excited with a pageant for their stature and is considered as the most respectable title and award in the country. Aside from that reputation, this pageant is also considered as the National Pride and Treasure of India. Every year, this pageant is being held under two various categories, all of which would signify married Indian women to have beauty, talent, intelligence and compassion.

Because of the many crucial roles that the Indian women play in their lifetime, they have become indispensable. A number one undeniable role of a woman is that of being a mother which goes beyond the bearing and rearing of her child. On the other hand, as the wife, the woman becomes the husband’s confidante, protecting him from the evil eye, someone the husband will be counting on when he faces trials and hardships until he passes those hurdles. As far as challenges in running a business enterprise, an Indian woman can also think like an entrepreneur, can operate the business enterprise, can undertake risks and can handle economic uncertainties.

Furthermore, the contestants of this beauty pageant are successful married Indian women who strive to be self confident, elegant, graceful, charismatic and honourable to represent India in their homeland and all around the globe. Aside from being recognized as the hallmark of India and symbol of beauty and success of the country, the participants will have the opportunity to enhance their careers or state a new one.

Winner of this particular beauty pageant will be widely recognized in the country as a successful woman.

It is the mission of this beauty pageant to create and give power to women as role models in their service as ambassadors to charity, who will represent the new beauty, who will enhance and give new strength, spirit and energy in order to advance women and give positive impact to their communities.

Furthermore, this beauty pageant for married women paves the way in giving them opportunities to make a mark and difference all over the globe.

This beauty pageant is conveniently located and held in the largest sub-city of Asia which is New Delhi. In order for people to discover the culture and fascinating history of this city, the beauty pageant is one activity that will help promote city of India.

Being a winner of this beauty pageant will be an opportunity to represent India in other yearly international beauty contests too for married women.

This beauty pageant, just like other beauty pageants, has its own official rule and regulations that every contestants must read and adhere to in order to be able to participate in the contest.

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