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Why Christian Marriage Counsellors are Better than Secular Counsellors

Many marriages today, are in one crisis or another due to the challenges that face them. The issues that are prevalent for most marriages include the issues of infidelity, external interferences from friends and families, misunderstanding due to misuse of family funds et cetera et cetera. More often than not, couples caught up in any of the above challenges find their solace in the professional marriage counselors.

Notwithstanding the fact that marriage counselors may prove to be of help in many instances, it should be noted that only a few of the counselors can be able to satisfactorily bring healing to a breaking marriage relationship. To see to it that your breaking marriage is restored, we have in place the marriage counselors who are just as qualified as the normal counselors. The advantages of having the Christian advisors help you restore your marriage relationship are manifold as we shall discuss.

The fact that Christian marriage counselors also undergo a training on marriage counseling renders them as competent to handle marriage problems as the other normal counselors. However, besides the scholarly knowledge, Christian counselors have a divine calling on their lives. The divine calling on the lives of these counsellors puts them at an advantage over the normal counsellors. This has, in turn, the benefit of helping them discern correctly the factors leading to the problems in your marriage and are therefore able to help you fully overcome those problems.

Christian marriage counselors also help marriages through spiritual intervention. Through prayers such as marriage restoration prayers, the counselors make it possible for the partners to continue enjoying their relationship. The power of prayer is undeniably great since it is only through prayer that the power of the Great Deity is introduced to your marriage. Since we all know that this great God has had no history of failure, it goes without saying that your marriage problem will also be solved in the shorted time possible.

The desire to fulfill their divine mandate is also something the Christian marriage counselors have. The call to them is the heartbeat that keeps them going and are thus sold to doing all they can to see to it that marital disputes presented to them are resolved. For the normal counsellors, such kind of zeal may be lacking on their part and this means that the much help you can get from them may be just normal and may not have the potency to heal your marriage. This is, however, never the case with professional Christian marriage counsellors who discharge their duties in strict adherence to the counselling code of conduct as well as the dictates of the Holy Writ. As can be seen, therefore, the benefits of handling marriage conflicts through a Christian marriage counsellor are many and therefore anyone seeking to have a marriage counselling session should always consider Christina marriage counsellors as their first option.

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